10 Things About Thomag

1. Sprawling and crowded city known for industry, trade, and dark history.

2. Located on several closely-packed islands in a bay, with bridges connecting to the main continent.

3. Rainy and dreary 70 percent of the time.

4. City’s history stretches back to Yuan-ti rule in the distant past, before they were taken down by their minotaur slaves. Later, orcs made the city a massive fortress complex, until seven human champions defeated them and took control.

5. Thomag sits atop a sprawling collection of sewers, caverns, and tunnels infested with vermin and far more dangerous things. No one has any idea of the layout or extent of this subterranean construction.

6. Ruled by a Mayor, who is elected through a vote of the Seven Families, and who is almost always a member or agent of one of the families.

7. The Seven Families are the descendants of the seven human champions who claimed Thomag from the orcs. Fabulously wealthy and powerful, each family has a virtual (or literal) monopoly on a certain aspect of commerce in the city.

8. Thomag is the largest human city on the southern end of the Tulk Federation, a loose collection of human kingdoms and city-states that covers the large islands to the North and much of the coast around Thomag.


9. The skies above Thomag are dotted with floating Spectators (a type of non-evil Beholder) working for the city guard, who are often paired with skilled snipers or spellcasters riding on top of the creatures. These ”Watchers” survey the city day and night, and intervene when violence or disorder breaks out.

10. Thomag is infamous for its criminal element and corrupt city guard and government.


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