Quinn Williams


13 Strengthen 1/3(Save)
16 Dexterity 3/3(Save)
14 Constitution 2/4(Save)
9 Intelligence -1/-1(Save)
11 Wisdom 0/0(Save)
15 Charisma 2/2(Save)

Martial Archetype: Champion
Background: Guild Artisan
Languages: Common, Abyssal, Dwarven
Flaw: Fear of spiders
Drive: To ward out all demonic entities


Quinn Williams was born and raised in Elk Grove, a far off town from across the seas, within a middle class family.

One day, in an effort to “Party all night long without the local authorities to get in the way”, Quinn and 5 of his closest friends make their way to a cabin that was rumored to be abandoned by its previous owner. At this cabin, they find the "Necronomicon Ex-Mortis”, The Book of The Dead, which was left by an unnamed cultist.

Not thinking that the book is anything special, Quinn reads a passage in the book.
When the book is read outload, Quinn and his friends awake a horde of small spider demons who can possess the living which Quinn now calls “Deadites”.
Quinn’s friends are possessed and killed, one by one.

It isn’t until Quinn is the last survivor that he finally finds the means to stop the demons by reading from the book again. The evil appears to be driven back, however, the book is now tied to Quinn. No matter what he does, the book cannot be thrown away or left behind as it always appears back in Quinn’s possession.

After this traumatic event, Quinn is forever changed. He now has a lifelong fear of spiders, and hatred of anything Undead or Demonic.

With the death of his friends on his shoulders, and with the entire town of Elk Grove thinking he was the one who killed his friends, he leaves to a town called Jacksonville and is employed as a lowly store clear in a “Rope Store”.

After laying low for a few years, a customer dares Quinn to leave this job and become an adventurer not willing to turn down this bet, Quinn makes his way to Thomag to kick evil’s ass.

Quinn Williams

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