Thia Meliamne

Wood Elf Rogue - Assasin




Thia was born in a small village just 4 days walk outside of the city Thomag. She had a simple life and learned basic hunting skills through the help of her older brother. On the eve of her 120th birthday, her village was attacked from by passing by militia (Fingers). The village men fought their hardest but with no skilled weapons and armor, they quickly died off. The ones who survived were quickly captured along with the women and children. The elders were killed off including her parents, as their bodies were not needed for the slave labor. Theren, her older brother quickly hid her down the village well just before confronting the warriors. He was soon captured by the warriors and taken with the others to the city.
The fell from the well gave her a concussion and she couldn’t remember what just happened. When Thia finally managed to climb out of the well, all that was left was ashes of a small village and bodies rotting. It came to her that she was all alone. She quickly started walking along a trail and eventually found a main road.
It was days after the incident and Thia became exhausted and hungry. She has traveled a great distance and she has finally made it to Thomag. Exhausted and hungry, she was desperate to survive and tried to steal from the first merchant she came across. As soon as she tried to steal some food, the old merchant caught her and instead of running, she froze and looked at him with tears in hers eyes and passed out into his arms.
The old mad didn’t know what to make of this and decided to aid her. He brought her into his home and nursed her back to health. She eventually awoke and her eyes looked across her bed seeing the old man beside her. Her shock woke the old man and as she tried to flee, he grabs hold of her hand and gently calms her, calling her Thia and telling her that it’s ok and she is safe. She is confused to why this old man is calling her Thia and then he points at her pendant around her neck spelling her name in elven. He gives her more food and tends to her wounds. As days go by, she has become more accustomed to this old man and has accepted him as her caretaker. Feeling the need to repay the old man, she took upon herself to help him with his chores around the house and eventually learned some of his trade and craft as a merchant.
While attending the shop, she is visited by knights (Fingers). She suddenly freezes as a surge of her lost memory came rushing back into her head. She remembers these men and what they did to her village. She quickly reaches for a knife and tries to stab the closes one. The knight quickly deflects her attack and instantly grabbed her by the neck. He sees the pendant around her neck and snaps it from her neck. Thia is thrown to the ground gasping for air. The old man has finally rushed to her aid shielding her body. The knight pockets her pendant and looks at the old man telling him to watch his dog or the next time he will butcher the both of them. The old man quickly apologizes and pats the knights off with some cakes and wine.
Thia is taken into the house and is sobering. She apologized to the old man and began to cry even more as she is clenching to what was left of her necklace. She remembers now, the pendant was given to her from her brother during the night of her birthday, the night of the attack. She quickly gets up and starts to head out to retrieve her pendant from the knight. The old man quickly grabs her arms and shows her the pendant in his hand. She smiles and gives him a big hug.
Later that night, the Knight from the incident earlier realizes that the pendant he took is missing. Only one thought through his mind was that he was pick pocket by the old man. He takes two of his men with him and barge into the merchant’s house. The men woke Thia and the old man. There was a short scuffle and blades were flown through the house. One by one, each knight dropped and blood was everywhere. It was a victory for the old man, but at a heavy cost. He quickly grabbed Thia, a few of their belongings and fled from the scene.
When they finally stopped, they were at the top of one of the tallest buildings in the Dock District. He opens a secret passageway and they enter. He slowly lights the room with a small candle and with amazement, the room was filled with old warned down equipment. Thia can see a collection of rusted swords, rotting leather armor, and various tools unknown to her. The old man collapsed and was bleeding out from his leg. He quickly explained to Thia that she had to amputate his leg or he will bleed out to death. An hour later after the wound has sealed, Thia continues to look after the old man and nurses him back to health.
Days later, the old man recovers and explains to Thia what this place was and how he was a master thief of his time. He tells Thia that he can no longer show his face in this town as he is now wanted for the deaths of those knights. He explains to Thia that this is their home now and that he will need to teach Thia his unique skills.
Year’s has passed and Thia has learned the trade of a thief. She has armed the attic with traps and created multiple escape routes, which were wires connecting to other buildings so she would be able to travel between them when need. Due to the old man’s human race and sever wounds. He later died and was given a proper burial at her old village. She returns back to Thomag with a new mission to find her brother and the adventures that await her.

Thia Meliamne

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