Session 12: Team-Building Exercise


The PCs tell the guards the truth about what happened with the snake woman, earning the thanks of the half-elf Sergeant Norton. Quinn gives Norton the address of the inn where he is staying if the guards have future questions.

The group then reports events to Malone, who responds telling them all to make sure they always have a page of the book he uses to communicate with them in their personal possession, in case of emergency.

Two days pass. During the interlude…

Rallius has terrible nightmares of the chanting woman as she turned into the snake, and learns that his patron LOATHES something about that scene.

Ohno accompanies Halfred, the halfling priest of Pelor, as he feeds and heals the poor of the Uptown Commons.

Thia gets the name of one Finguard who was involved in the mission that took her brother from Malone. The name is Sentia.

Quinn is visited by the elf alchemist Amasi, and they have a nice time.

Two days after the events of Morrison’s Birthday, Malone writes to all the PCs, telling them of a cache of supplies he wants them to retrieve, to help them on their efforts. The group comes together (including Beertank) and locates a ruined tower in the Orc Hall District. Inside, they find a sleeping Finguard, who they tie to a chair, blindfold, gag, and try repeatedly to knock unconscious before finally succeeding. In the process Ohno basically rolled a 30 on an attempt to tie the guy’s boot laces together, which was amazing but didn’t end up mattering.

The group spots the chest Malone has directed them to higher up in the tower, on the ruined remains of a second floor they’d have to climb to reach. The tower seems like it might be cursed or something because everyone fails REALLY REALLY BADLY at this relatively simple task, and eventually it leads to Rallius hitting Ohno with his Eldritch Blast, propelling the kender up to the chest but also hurting him pretty badly.

Ohno is understandably upset, and goes out the window and leaves.

The rest of the group manages to get the chest down, but it’s locked with a combination lock, and Malone has given each of them a part of the solution. They can’t open it without Ohno, so rent a cart to carry the chest through the city as they track down their companion, who they eventually find sulking in a tavern.

Ohno doesn’t want to talk to anyone but Beertank, but the group finally comes together and solves the combination lock puzzle using some teamwork and logical deduction. Inside the chest the group finds gold, gems, and a few different magic trinkets including a single-use Power Glove which can stun someone, three smoke bombs, and a sharpened metal M that can be thrown for some kind of damaging ice effect.

After taking much, MUCH longer to get the cache of supplies than anyone expected, Beertank is contacted magically by the head of the temple of Moradin, Father Pike. Pike sounds terrified, and reports that monsters attacked the crypts where Beertank lives and works, and some terrible creatures were defiling the bodies!

The group hurries to the crypts, where they find all the dwarven clerics and church-workers completely terrified and traumatized. They report monsters with “big heads and skinny bodies” and “strange movements” and “sickening orange fog.”

The PCs descend into the crypts, finding dozens of dwarven bodies pulled from their graves and tombs, all of them with their heads cut or broken open and their brains removed. There are remnants of orange fog hanging in the air and some splashes of thick, orange-black goo on the ground and on some of the bodies.

After exploring two rooms of the crypt, the group finds four dwarven bodies covered in more of the orange goo, laying in front of a hole in the crypt wall that shouldn’t be there. As they enter the room, the brainless bodies stir and get to their feet…


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