Session 6 Recap: Warehouse Battle


While making their way to investigate the possible stash location in the Dock District, the PCs are joined by Quinn, a human fighter, and Rallius, a Tiefling warlock, who have also been working for Malone. Together the group of five approached a warehouse on the water, with most of the group creating a diversion for the guards in front while Thia moved stealthily around the back.

While Thia struggled to open the back door of the warehouse, the Vulture henchmen in front quickly grew tired of Ohno’s antics and Quinn’s offer of beer. A fight broke out, which eventually progressed into the warehouse itself.

The Vulture thugs were quickly dispatched, with the group’s leader going down hard with a hole in his chest, courtesy of Rallius. Thia fell unconscious after suffering a number of wounds from some literal vultures, but Beertank chased the birds off before they could kill her. Meanwhile, Rallius spooked the final henchman remaining on his feet into surrendering.

For next time…

1. What does the group do with their prisoners (one conscious and one unconscious)?
2. What does the group do with the stash of weapons?
3. How does the groups deal with their injuries (especially Thia, who is stable but unconscious)?
4. Where does the group go next?

It is now 7:35 PM.



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