Session 9 Recap: Smashing Clockwork


The PCs left the goblin sewer layer behind and headed through the rainy night towards the Coins. Since Thia and Rallius were both injured, the group decided to stop by a temple to seek healing. They entered a temple dedicated to Erathis, goddess of civilization and law, on the edge of the Coins district.

Inside the temple the group approached a human paladin of Erathis named Godi. After some quick talking from Quinn and some religious bonding from Beertank, the paladin agreed to heal Thia and Rallius…provided they would sign a contract in the sight of Erathis and agree to provide unspecified services to the church when called upon.


The contract was a dense legal document that neither could really understand, but both signed it regardless. Godi the paladin healed both of them, though his blue glowing hand turned yellow when touching Thia and red when touching Rallius.

The group proceeded to the final stash location, which was revealed to be a small shop called The Clockwork Phoenix. Across the street in front of a greenhouse a dwarf named Gralmek was drinking coffee and watching the PCs, and they had a nice chat with him and got some information about The Clockwork Phoenix before he had to go back to work.

Thia attempted to pick the lock on the clockwork shop but failed miserably, but managed to bluff her way inside regardless. Bremmin, the dwarven woman who ran the shop revealed herself as an agent of the Vulture and demanded answers from Thia, consulting with someone the the back storeroom. Thia was unable to provide a password, and combat broke out.

The PCs killed Bremmin and smashed a lot of very valuable clockwork creations in the process (Ohno grabbed a couple and put them into his bag). The voice from the back room warned them that “Nobody crosses the Vulture and lives,” and that “Even if you kill me, I feel sorry for what’s coming to you.” Beertank broke down the door, revealing a storeroom and an armored knight guarding a case of weapons. The knight blasted the group with spells and nearly killed both Beertank and Quinn with his sword before making a break for it…only to be killed by Rallius, sent down with a hole in his chest.

The groups looted the weapon case and threw the extras into the ocean, then retreated to the safety of Beertank’s home in the dwarven crypts to rest. Malone respond to reports of their success with congratulations, telling the group that the city owes them a huge debt, but warns them to lay low, because the Vulture will be furious and seeking revenge.

For next timeā€¦

1. What does each character do with a few days of downtime?
2. Where is everyone staying in the city, and how do they stay in touch with one another?


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