Session 17: Roll for drugs


While Termus heads off to work, the party spends the day debating their next moves. Thia reaches out through criminal contacts and gets in touch with Helm, a gnome criminal with ties to slavers and similar humanoid trafficking organizations. The rest of the party heads to the docks, getting information about some ships that will be leaving the city over the next few days.

That evening, everyone gathers together at the Dwarven Crypts, just in time for Ohno to discover and reveal that the ring he borrowed from Termus’ house is linked to a pendant that they left behind, and which could allow Termus to track the ring as long as it is within five miles. The group scrambles to get the ring back where it should be, with Rallius creating a distraction by discussing his patron with Termus until Thia can place the ring near the front stoop of Termus’ house.

The next morning, Termus emerges on schedule…but quickly reveals himself to be very, very high. He’s starving and confused, and doesn’t always seem to recognize people or places. Thia, dressed as Billy, gets him to remove his guard uniform, then Rallius turns Termus invisible and Beertank carries him to the docks to meet with Helm.

After some negotiation, Helm agrees to take Termus and make him disappear without any payment either way. There is some talk about Thia owning Helm a favor, but eventually he drops that demand. Termus starts to get really paranoid, but Beertank casts Suggestion on him, telling him that this whole boat trip is all part of a plan they’ve already agreed to. This calms Termus down, and the party leaves him there with a bunch of food.

…And when they turn around they realize Ohno has disappeared.


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