Session 18: Into the Woods


Over the next few days after dealing with Termus, the party doesn’t see or hear from Ohno. The group takes care of individual business while Billy continue to work on the portal in the crypt.


Quinn enters and wins an archery contest, earning money, a medal, and admiration.

Rallius encounters a former servant from his father’s household, an old man who know works in Victory Tower for the Nolan family, who oversee most weapon and armor smithing in Thomag.

Beertank overhears a word in passing on the street and gets more information about the mysterious deed he’s been carrying for years.

Thia helps a criminal contact, Tretchto, pick the lock on a small chest. In exchange she is rewarded with gold and information: word on the street is that the Vulture knows where at least one of the people who attacked his secret weapon caches lives, and is plotting his revenge.

Debts come due

Thia sees a figure waiting for her outside her secret Clock Tower home, and finds it to be Godi, Paladin of Erathis. Godi tells her and the rest of the group that it’s time to pay their healing debts, and soon the party is on a ship leaving Thomag, tasked with investigating the nearby Fogwood and finding out why logging crews and wagons have recently been disappearing.

The group gathers information as they head into the woods, hearing stories of trees attacking people and undergrowth sprouting up more rapidly than it should. They find trees with strange smooth “bruises” on them, and eventually come to an overturned logging wagon on the road into the woods, surrounded by thick vines, flowers, and fallen trees.

While investigating the wagon, the group disturbs something…and the vines and plants around them start writing and entangling the party. At the same moment, a collection of stirges, horrible little half-bat, half-mosquito creatures, burst from the wagon and begin to latch on and suck blood.

After an intense battle, the group is victorious but injured. They take a short rest and consider their next moves…

It’s about 9 AM after the short rest.

For next time

1. What direction is the group heading? (you came from the West, the forest extends North, South, and East)


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